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Frantzén Archive 15.

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A limited edition of unique, handmade tableware from Michelin 3-star restaurant Frantzén. These bowls have been used at the restaurant. Available for purchase for the first time ever.

Custom-made bowls by Calle Forsberg, designed by Björn Frantzén.

Only 9 pieces of this item available

“Asymmetric shapes interest me more and more. Maybe because of my work with Frantzén. I never created anything perfectly round and thin for them. I did before in my career, a lot, but I don’t think I will ever return to that. All the excitement comes from tiny nuances. When those nuances are barely detectable but still noticeable, I am on the right path.” – Calle Forsberg



Design: Calle Forsberg & Björn Frantzén
Dimensions: 14 cm
Weight: 175 g